• What areas do you cover?


We cover most of the South East coast areas, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Thanet and surrounding areas. 


  • We have a four floor property, can you reach?


We use a carbon fibre tube system  with a strong vacuum which can successfully clear gutters up to 50 feet, if this is not achievable, due to certain buildings having difficult access, we can organise high access equipment as a last resort. 


  • How do you take payments and what if i'm not in?


We accept most types of payment. If you are not in when the clearance takes places we can leave you with a receipt which has all our bank details for an easy online payment.


  • Can I choose the day you clear my gutters?


Yes, to an extent. We are in set areas on certain days of the week so we fit in each new customers to each area.

  • How often do you recommend to have gutters cleared?


We recommend to have an annual gutter clearance to prevent issues arising, although we have some customers on a bi-annual clean and some on a two yearly clean. it al depends on residue falling around the property.


  • I have a commercial property that needs cleaning, can you do it?


Yes, we are fully insured and equipped for almost any commercial work. We can also provide up to date risk assessments and method statements if required.  


  • Our neighbour needs their gutters cleared also, can we have a deal?


If we are clearing out gutters and the neighbour also would like theirs cleared, we always work around the price so that both neighbours get a reduced rate.

  • Do you need power for your machine?

Our gutter vacuum runs off a powerful generator so there is no need for the customers power to be used.